Hi all!  Let Them Eat Cake is all about embracing the simple nature of play/childhood and letting your kids be kids. A quick and easy place to share the early childhood activities I do with my boys, that keep their minds busy and their smiles big.

My teaching background and knowledge of child development has allowed me to create and design activities/crafts in a safe, age-appropriate play environment in our family home. While every day is different, I like to focus on imaginative play, sensory exploration, arts & crafts and more.

With my formal teaching days behind me (for now), I am lucky enough to now be home with my boys each and every day. My husband works selflessly and tirelessly to make this happen, and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for that.

While I pretty much have it together most days, it’s no secret that some days are harder than others. The kids are screaming, the dishwasher didn’t run, we’re out of milk, I can’t find my keys, and we didn’t do anything remotely crafty or fun. Sound familiar? Of course it does. That’s life. Like many of you, I’m just a mom trying to get through the day, all while keeping the kids happy and healthy.

I’ve been trying to find my niche as a SAHM for a while now. I’ve tried my hand at card making, photography, made some girly bows (that my not so willing boys would model for me),  and painted a few ballerinas in tutus. I was, for lack of a better term, a full blown “mom of all trades”. I tried it all and I enjoyed it all; but mostly, I loved the creativity behind it.

My creative juices were flowing. And it was awesome…for a while. Until little by little I began to realize that my picture taking, barrette making, embossing self was spending less and less time with my boys. This, for me, was a no-go and it was then that it hit me. I needed to tap into my creativity in a different way. I needed to connect it to my children and let it blossom from there.

“Blogger” was never one of my trades, but really does combine everything I love all into one: photographer, craftswoman, artist, mother, teacher. And so just like that, I have found my light, my passion, my niche.

I hope you find our posts informative, inspiring and fun. Please follow us and share the magic of play with the little ones in your life. And remember, they’re only little once. So push up your sleeves, grab a glue stick and for the love of…..let them play (and eat some cake too!).

xoxo Danielle