rainbows and sunshine.

There’s just something about this rainbow craft that makes me smile. It’s so colorful and reminds me of the warmer spring days ahead. This activity is pretty toddler friendly and only requires a few materials: paper streamers, glue, a paper plate, scissors, cotton balls and maybe a toddler or two. 🤗

Next, cut the paper plate in half and then have your child glue and stick the cotton balls on. And wallah! A white and puffy cumulonimbus cloud ☁️

Now, gather together your streamers and cut them to your desired length and then have your toddler glue them onto the back of the plate. Easy peasy!


You’re almost done! Only a few final steps left. Have your toddler help you find a sunny window, tape it up for all to see, and then stand back and THINK SPRING 🌈🌱🌷☀️


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