ooey, gooey, fun.


Who’s ready for some colorful, glittery, ooey, gooey fun? Today the boys and I tried our luck with DIY rainbow slime and it was awesome! This has sensory exploration written all over it. The kids LOVED touching it, poking it, and squeezing it through their fingers. So fun! Ours didn’t come out too slimey, and had more of a putty-like consistency, but it actually worked out better this way.

To make the slime, we used equal parts of water, glue and liquid starch and 2 tbsp of glitter per batch. We made 7 small batches (to get 7 colors)… and used 1/4 cup of clear school glue, 1/4 cup water, and 1/4 cup liquid starch. This made the perfect amount.

The details: Mix equal parts of clear glue and water together in a large bowl. Once combined, add in 2 tablespoons of glitter. Mix well. Next, add in an equal part of liquid starch and mix. The ingredients will come together and will quickly resemble slime. TIP: Don’t forget that you are working with glue! It dries quickly so stay on top of cleaning up your work space and materials (bowls, measuring spoons, etc.) or it’ll be a pain to clean. Better yet, if you can use plastic or throw-away bowls/containers go for it.

Store the slime in an airtight container, ziplock bag or wrap it in plastic wrap. It should last a while. I’d say about a week or so, depending on how much your kiddos play with it.

This stuff is pretty cool and both boys (1 year old and 3 year old) LOVE playing with it and watching it ooze and expand on the table. But do be mindful that this is not a “taste-safe” slime so watch younger children carefully with this stuff. Try it out!



2 thoughts on “ooey, gooey, fun.

    • letthemeatcakeblog says:

      We kept it pretty contained BUT my little guy is and always has been so careful when it comes to arts and crafts. Not the typical toddler behavior I know! If the weather is nice maybe try doing it outside!? Thanks for checking out our activities 🙂


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