green glitter for days.

Hi all! With St.Patrick’s day behind us, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the fun activities and crafts the boys and I did over the last few weeks. Don’t worry, theres still plenty of time to take out the green glitter, gold coins, and shamrocks…March is a LONG one!

My toddler is LOVING stamps these days. So we tried a super easy DIY stamp roller. Your kids will enjoy making it and using it! All you need is a rolling pin, paper, tape, foam stickers and paint.

I’ve seen SO many different foam stickers at The Dollar Store (cars, animals, shapes) so the possibilities with this one really are endless. Today we stuck with our March/St. Patrick’s Day theme and went with shamrock stickers and green paint. Super cute if you ask me!

If you want to try this one out at home (and I suggest you do!) here are the steps.

First, I covered the rolling pin with white paper (I used tape to secure it), and then my son and I put the stickers all around it. Peeling the backs off the foam stickers was an activity in itself for my toddler. Awesome fine-motor work.

Then, when all the stickers were in their place, we painted them with a paintbrush. We found this worked better than rolling the whole thing through the paint (the brush really helped distribute the paint more evenly).


Next and final step: roll away! We only had small paper on hand, but this would be SO awesome on a big roll of paper. The effect is pretty cool! Looking forward to trying out different shapes and colors next time.

What fun things did you do over St.Patricks Day? Green pancakes, maybe? Leprechaun traps? Snap a pic and share with us! 🍀🌈☘️💰

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