one little candle.

A few weeks ago my littlest love turned ONE! To celebrate we just had to make Birthday Cake Cloud Dough for the sensory table. This is such a fun and easy activity to do with the kids. The dough itself is super easy to make and has only 2 ingredients: flour and vegetable oil (we used about 7 cups of flour and 2 cups of vegetable oil). Mix it up and squish it with your hands until it all comes together and forms a dough-like consistency. You may need more or less oil depending on how much flour you use. Just eye-ball it until you get the texture you want.


We also dressed our dough up a bit by adding sprinkles and a few drops of vanilla extract to make it smell like a real cake. So fun! Cupcake liners, measuring cups/spoons, ribbons, bows and candles rounded out the birthday theme and were playful additions to the bin. The best part of it all…watching my boys mix, pour, touch, feel, smell and explore for a good portion of the morning. Sensory play was alive and well at our house today.

Our  cloud dough adventures continued for a few days.  If you store the dough in an airtight container, it’ll last for a week or so. Seriously, have I mentioned how much I…I mean the kids…love this stuff? Fluffy, dry, and if it happens….”taste-safe” for my sneaky one year old.


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