milk, bread, and eggs.

Let’s talk dramatic play: a specific type of play that enhances early learning through language development, social skills, higher order thinking and so much more. Sounds intense but it’s really oh, so simple!

grocery store

This week, our dramatic play center is set up as a grocery store. A fun and familiar place your kids will enjoy having at their own house. Use this opportunity to talk with your kids. Have a two-way conversation about what makes the real grocery store (Market Basket or Shaws) the same as the pretend store and what makes them different. What types of food do you have in your store? Fruits, veggies, cookies, cake? What colors do you see? Any shapes? There are so many connections to be made. Have fun with it.


Don’t forget…a well-stocked grocery store, is a good grocery store! And bonus, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Check your recycling bins for empty food containers (cereal boxes, snack boxes, egg cartons,etc.) to add to the shelves and tape a weekly sale flyer up on the wall as a creative touch. Better yet, use the flyer as a learning tool and ask your child simple questions, such as “what’s on sale today?”

All in all, make your center fun and inviting. Set the stage and make it a place they’ll want to play at. Take turns roll playing (filling the shopping cart, paying at the register, restocking the shelves), making connections and so much more.


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