playful pasta.

This activity has been a favorite at our house for a while. Last summer, I dyed two boxes of uncooked pasta to use in our sensory bin. And guess what….we are STILL using them, in so many different ways, 6 months later. This is such a playful activity and your kids will get a kick out of playing with their food. Mine sure do.

Another bonus, pasta is cheap and comes in SO many different shapes and sizes…bow ties, spirals, elbows, ziti. Dye a few different shapes and talk about what is the same and what is different. It does take a while for the pasta to dry out once you soak them in the vinegar/dye solution, but once they do, your kids will want to play with them over and over again. The possibilities are endless: counting, sorting, crafts and fun. Let your child’s imagination soar.


Shopping List/Directions:
-Dry, uncooked pasta
-Vinegar or rubbing alcohol
-Food coloring
-Large ziplock bags
-Wax paper/cookie sheet

1. Separate the pasta into various zip lock bags (I used 5 gallon-sized bags…1 for each color) and place on a cookie sheet or in the sink in case of leaks.
2. Cover the pasta in vinegar and mix in the food coloring. The color really soaks in, so you’ll need to use quite a bit.
3. Let everything soak and watch as the pasta begins to absorb the colors. The longer they sit, the deeper and more vibrant the colors will be.
4. Drain out the liquid and dry the pasta on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

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