happy heart-day.


Sensory exploration…Valentine’s Day edition ❤

Hi all! With Valentine’s Day behind us, I wanted to take a minute to  share some of the activities my boys and I had fun with over the last week or so.

Our sensory bin was transformed into a playful, heart-day extravaganza. Fully equipped with red/pink paper flower petals, pom poms, heart-shaped counters and miscellaneous heart-shaped accessories and mini/decorations.

As always, there really are no rules with these types of thing, so if you’re interested in creating a similar sensory bin of your own, feel free to mix it up! Throw in whatever you have on hand and have fun. Change up the textures and colors and watch as your child exercises his/her senses.Sensory play is a fun and easy way to keep your little ones engaged; especially during these long, cold winter days.dsc_3970

We also tried out these super cute (and super easy!) heart prints with folded toilet paper rolls. Another hit at our house over the holiday. Definitely worth a try.


It’s the simple things in life #toiletpaperrolls


In addition to sensory exploration and arts & crafts, we also experimented with different Valentine’s Day treats and snacks in the kitchen. And while I love inspiring other mamas out there with my own creativity, I absolutely I LOVE when I am inspired by you!

One day last week ( I think it may have been Valentine’s Day itself), my kids were going to get frozen waffles for breakfast (one of those mornings…) until I saw this cute pancake idea posted online by a friend. After-all, who can resist a breakfast with a theme!? Certainly not us.


Strawberry heart pancakes, anyone? Yes, please.



Frozen waffles, no more.

My inspiration continued as more and more of my friends snapped and shared with me, what their own kids were snacking on during the day. So many fun and playful food ideas to save for next year…or really any day of the year. Thanks for sharing, mamas. And I hope you all had a fun-filled holiday with your littles.

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